PresidentMark Baldwin

Mark Baldwin

Mark is a lifelong Centerville resident and a Centerville Sr. High School graduate. He represents District D-At Large, serving his first term. He has 3 daughters who are Centerville graduates. He is a Technology Education/Computer Education Teacher. He looks forward to have the opportunity to be associated with the Centerville-Abington School Corporation and serve the community.

Board Term: 2014 - 2018

Represents District D - At Large 
Board member since 2014                   
Next Election - November 2016

You may email Mark at

Wandersee Board Member

Andy Wandersee

Andy is the District A board member serving his first term. Andy and his wife Shanna have two children, witli both enrolled in the school system. Andy is a life long Centerville resident graduating from Centerville High School in 1997. Andy currently serves witn the Indiana State Police as a Detective and looks forward to being a part of the excellence that is Centerville-Abington Schools.

Board Term: 2017 - 2020
Represents District A - Town of Centerville Board
Member since 2012
Next Election: November, 2020

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 Secretaryhamilton susan

Susan Hamilton

Susan is serving her fourth term. Susan and her husband Larry farm. Their two daughters are Centerville High School gradu­ates. Susan enjoys working for the community to provide the best possible education for our students.

Board Term:2016 - 2018
Represents District B - Center Township
Board Member since 2003                                                                
Next election: November, 2018

You may email Susan at


Brad Lambright

Brad represents one of the two At-Large districts. He and his wife Lori have four children, one which is currently enrolled in the school system. Brad is a former high school math teacher and is now quality manager at a local manufacturer. He is proud to be associated with Centerville Schools, and he appreciates the opportunity to serve our community.


Board Term: 2016 - 2018
Represents District D - At Large
Board member since 2007 
Next Election: November, 2018

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Renee Westover

Renee is a graduate of Centerville Senior High School. She is married and has six children, two that have graduated and four presently in the school system. She is very active in the schools.

Board Term: 2016 - 2020
Represents District C - Abington Township 
Board Member since 2008                                                       
Next election: November, 2020

You may email Renee at


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