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Teacher Email Address Website Assignment
 Abner, Kailey  Kindergarten
 Adams, Leah mouse   1st Grade
 Anderson, Jessica  mouse  Kindergarten
 Aughe, Taylor  Kindergarten
 Biava, Kendra  mouse  1st Grade
 Burkhart, Margaret  mouse  Kindergarten
 Cox, Debbie  mouse  Preschool Teacher
 Darrah, Tisha mouse  Reading Recovery
 Davis, Alyssa  mouse  1st Grade
 Drew, Mikenzie  1st Grade
 Duke, Linda mouse  Integrated Media Specialist
 Eadler, Kim  Learning lab
Erbse, Shelley  Secretary
 Flynn, Maureen  Student Support Specialist
 Frame, Mika 1st Grade
 Frazier, Cheryl  mouse  2nd Grade
Hildebrand, Amanda  mouse  2nd Grade
Hollendonner, Katie  Preschool
 Hood, Valerie  Speech / Hearing Clinician
 Hoskins, Angela  Reading Recovery
 Molina, Jordan  2nd Grade
 Metcalf, Tracy  mouse  Kindergarten
 Miller, Jill
 Pritchard, Sam  Principal
 Rice, Sarah  Communities in Schools
 Ruznak, Jodie  Physical Education
 Sheard, Amy  Kindergarten
 Sizelove, Annelies  mouse  Art
 Smith, Kaylin 1st Grade
 Stainbrook, Cathy  mouse  Special Education
 Steiner, Samantha  mouse  2nd Grade Teacher
 Stump, Kayla





 Strain, Amy  Nurse
 Strait, Ashley  Special Education
 Thornton, Mika
 Tidrow, Sarah  mouse  2nd Grade
 Thomas, Savannah  2nd Grade


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