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Teacher Email Address Website Assignment
 Alford, Rebecca ralford@centerville.k12.in.us mouse Social Worker
 Bevins, Victoria vbevins@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  4th Grade 
 Charlton, Julia jcharlton@centerville.k12.in.us mouse Physical Education 
 Dickerson, Matt mdickerson@centerville.k12.in.us mouse 6th Grade 
 Downs, Teresa tdowns@centerville.k12.in.us mouse 3rd Grade 
 Duke, Linda lduke@centerville.k12.in.us mouse Integrated Media Specialist 
 Ecker, Courtney cecker@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  3rd Grade 
 Gable, Carol cgable@centerville.k12.in.us mouse 5th Grade 
 Foster, Rett rfoster@centerville.k12.in.us mouse 5th Grade 
 Hawkins, Kayla khawkins@centerville.k12.in.us


 Hemmerling, Nikki nhemmerling@centerville.k12.in.us
mouse Special Education 
 Hood, Valerie vhood@centerville.k12.in.us
  Speech / Hearing Clinician 
 Honeycutt, Paula phoneycutt@centerville.k12.in.us   Art
 Kassens, Kathleen kkassens@centerville.k12.in.us
mouse  5th Grade 
 Kohn, Casandra ckohn@centerville.k12.in.us mouse 4th Grade 
 Leger, Tiffany tleger@centerville.k12.in.us
mouse 3rd Grade 
 Luken, Diane
dluken@centerville.k12.in.us mouse 4th Grade EXCEL
 Marshall, Kenny
kmarshall@centerville.k12.in.us mouse 6th Grade 
 Mauger, Shelley smauger@centerville.k12.in.us mouse Special Education 
 Martin, Bethany bmartin@centerville.k12.in.us
mouse  3rd Grade 
 McConaha, Wanda wmcconaha@centerville.k12.in.us   Annex School Secretary 
 Moore, Betsey bmoore@centerville.k12.in.us mouse 4th Grade 
 Oesterling, Cheryl coesterling@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse 4th Grade 
 Orick, Melody morick@centerville.k12.in.us   Nurse
 Paxton, Tonya tpaxton@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse 3rd Grade 
 Peine, Dave dpeine@centerville.k12.in.us   School Counselor 
 Reagan, Beth breagan@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  6th Grade EXCEL
Rinehart, Rod rrinehart@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  5th Grade EXCEL 
 Rusznak, Jodie jrusznak@centerville.k12.in.us mouse Special Education 
 Scalzo, Denise dscalzo@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  4th Grade 
 Scheffler, Nicole nscheffler@centerville.k12.in.us   3rd Grade
 Shadle, Laurie lshadle@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  6th Grade 
Sharp, Patti psharp@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  3rd Grade 
Sons, Yancy ysons@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  6th Grade 
Spencer, Jerry jspencer@centervile.k12.in.us   Learning Lab
Sperling, Pam psperling@centerville.k12.in.us   School Secretary / Treasurer 
Stevenson, Sean sstevenson@centerville.k12.in.us mouse Asst. Principal
Stroh, Misty mstroh@centerville.k12.in.us   Communities in Schools
Talbot, Jason jtalbot@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  5th Grade 
Tedder, Erica etedder@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  5th Grade 
Van Winkle, Kelly kvanwinkle@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  Principal 
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