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Teacher Email Address Website Assignment
Alford, Rebecca
mouse Guidance Counselor
Anderson, Kathleen
Allen, Ariel   Science - 8
Barth, Norma   Secretary 
Bellew, Brian   Principal
Carter, Kim   French
Cheek, Brian   Math - 7 
Crull, Tracey   Business 7 & 8 
Day, Mike   Social Studies - 7 
Fletcher, Briendle   Social Studies - 8
Heiderich, Karli   Health
Hollendonner, Katie   Phys. Ed.
Kinder, Tara   Math - 8
Lewis, Bill   Science - 7 
Marshall, Kenny   English - 8
Miller, Jill   School Psychologist
Mounsey, Tamara   L.D. Resource Teacher 
Nickel, Mia   English 7
Orick, Melody   Nurse
Rabchuk, Tresa   Art
Roesch, Charles
Searcy, Jason   Business
Stegman-Frey, Katherine   French
Steele, Jacquelynn   Spanish 
Stiggleman, Holly   Jr/Sr High Media Specialist 
Thornburg,Tiffani   Instructional Coach
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