Welcome home! Centerville-Abington Community Schools is proud of their graduates!    We hope you find this section useful in finding old friends and remembering fun times!

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The Centerville Alumni Banquet will be held in the Centerville-Abington Junior High School cafeteria at 6:00 p.m (doors open at 5 p.m.) on June 24, 2017. To make reservations, contact Rudy Toschlog at 765-967-7895 or contact him by mail at: 8088 Tice Road, Centerville, IN 47330.  You may also contact Judie
Schlotterbeck at 765-855-3346 or email her at   

Mr. Stevenson's Class Greatest Debate Winners 1974-1985

Video of Class of 1928

Alumni Officers are:
Rudy Toschlog, President
Sheri Hensley (1968) - Treasurer

Larry Hensley (1964) - Treasurer

Starting in 2014, The CHS Alumni awarded a $200 Scholarship (in honor of the Bicentennial) to Aaron Lewis – Class of 2014.
Due to the generosity of CHS Alumni attending in 2014 in 2015 – we awarded 3 - $200 scholarships to Mitchell Burielson, Taylor Lakes and Justin Glover.
Due to the generosity of the CHS Alumni attending in 2015, we will award 6 - $200 scholarships in 2016.

Alumni Celebrations

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