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Grades, Credits & Graduation Requirements (5K)

Grade Point Average and Class Rank
At the end of each semester, each student is ranked within their class on the basis of scholarship. When courses are failed and are repeated to allow greater mastery of the subject, both grades are used in determining the grade point average. Both grades will appear on the transcript, but credit will be given only once. To determine grade point average, the letter grade is converted to its numerical value. The total number of points is then divided by the credits being considered. The resulting number is the grade point average. Grade points are assigned for each grade received according to the scale below: Grades will be worth points as follows:

A+ = 13 (excellent) C = 6 (average)
A = 12(excellent) C- = 5 (average)
A- = 11 (excellent) D+ = 4 (below average)
B+ = 10 (above average) D = 3 (below average)
B = 9 (above average) D- = 2 (below average)
B- = 8 (above average) F = 0
C+ = 7 (average) IC = 0 (incomplete)

Grade-Weighted Courses
Only Advanced Placement Courses are weighted- Chemistry A.P., English 11A.P., and English 12A.P. Each grade "A through C-" will be raised three honor points, the equivalent of one letter grade.

Regular Grade Scale Weighted Grade Scale
13 A+ 16
12 A 15
11 A- 14
10 B+ 13
9 B 12
8 B- 11
7 C+ 10
6 C 9
5 C- 8


Academic Honors Diploma
The Indiana Department of Education offers the Academic Honors Diploma. Students must adhere to the following guidelines to qualify for this special diploma.

General Guidelines:

  1. Students must have 48 credits.
  2. No semester grade lower than a C- may count toward the diploma. A student must have a grade point average of B or better.
  3. Student must be enrolled in the highest level of the class. (Example--academic English or Honors.)
  4. If a student meets the requirements of the academic honors diploma, the School Corporation shall make note of it on the student's transcript.

Credits must be earned as follows:

  1. ENGLISH - 8 credits to include course work in literature, composition and speech. These are not to be separate courses, but integrated into existing English classes.
  2. SOCIAL STUDIES - 6 credits to include U.S. history and Government and at least one course in Economics and at least one course with a major emphasis on Geography and or World History.
  3. MATHEMATICS - 8 credits to include Algebra II and at least one upper level math course (Advanced Math or Calculus). If a student is awarded credit for Algebra I course-work completed in junior high school, that student needs to complete only 6 credits.
  4. SCIENCE -6 credits to include 2 credits in Biology, plus 2 credits in either Chemistry or Physics, plus 2 credits in Biology, Physics, or Chemistry.
  5. FOREIGN LANGUAGE - 6 credits in one language or 4 credits in one language and 4 credits in another language.
  6. FINE ARTS - 2 credits in Art, Music, and other art areas, which encompass visual, aural, performing and creative modes of student learning.
  7. HEALTH & SAFETY - 1 credit.
  9. ELECTIVES - 7 to 13 credits depending on foreign language option selected and the amount of high school credit awarded for junior high school course work.

Preferred Admission to College
Effective in the fall of 1994, public post-secondary institutions will offer preferred admission to recipients of the Academic Honors Diploma who achieve at least a B average grade in their required academic courses.

Credit Through Correspondence Courses
Centerville Senior High School will accept credit earned by a student through correspondence courses toward satisfying the requirements for graduation, providing the course has been approved by the principal and guidance counselor. Such credit shall be earned through the satisfactory completion of courses offered by an institution accredited by the North Central Association.

Correspondence courses can be taken if:

  1. a student needs more credits to graduate than can be earned during his/her fourth year of high school.
  2. a student who desires to supplement his/her secondary education with a course of study not offered by Centerville Senior High School.
  3. a student needs to make-up a failed course.

NOTE: Students are not allowed to take a course when it is offered at Centerville Senior High School.

Credit Through Summer School Courses
Centerville Senior High School will offer summer school courses for credit or will accept summer school courses earned in some other accredited high school.

Credit Through Night Courses
Centerville Senior High School will accept credit earned by a student in an accredited night school program. These classes must be approved by the high school counselor and principal.

Night courses for credit can be taken if:

  1. a student needs more credits to graduate than can be earned in his/her fourth year of high school.
  2. a student desires to supplement his/her secondary education with a course of study not offered by Centerville Senior High School.
  3. a student needs to make-up a failed course.

NOTE: Students are not allowed to take a course when it is offered at Centerville Senior High School. Students can earn a maximum of 8 credits through correspondence courses, night courses, or summer school.

Explanation of Credits

  1. Students earn 1 credit per semester in all classes except basic physical education and driver's education.
  2. Students may earn 1/2 credit for a semester of basic physical education.
  3. Students will not receive credit for driver's education.

Class Level Classification
For the official records, student class placement will be determined in the following manner:

  • Freshman = Less than 11 credits
  • Sophomore = 12 credits to fewer than 23 credits
  • Junior = 24 credits to fewer than 35 credits
  • Senior = 36 credits to 48 credits

Students enrolling from schools having different graduation requirements will have their credits evaluated for class placement. All incoming students will be informed of these requirements at the time of admission.

Graduation Requirements
48 credits to graduate will be earned as follows:

English 8
Math 4
Science  4  (or Agriculture Science-2 credits)
Physical Ed 1
Health & Safety    1
U.S. History 2
U.S. Government 1
Economics 1
World Studies 
Electives 25
Total Credits 48

A student must enroll in a minimum of 7 classes.

Core 40 Requirements
Starting in the fall of 1994, students entering the ninth grade must enroll in the Indiana Core 40. All students must work toward completing the requirements of Core 40.


must meet the Core 40 standard to be considered for admission to an Indiana four-year college or university
should meet the Core 40 standard to ensure success in one- and two-year college and technical training programs
should meet the Core 40 standards to ensure success in the workforce

Complete the Core 40 by: Subject Area Credits

Subject Area Credits
Language Arts 8 credits:  English
Mathematics 6-8 credits as follows:
2 - Algebra I
2 - Geometry
2 - Algebra II
2 - Pre-calculus
2 - Calculus**
Science 6 credits in laboratory science
2 - Biology
2 - Chemistry or Physics
2 - Biology II; Chemistry; Physics or Chemistry AP
Social Studies 6 credits distributed as follows:
2 - U.S. History
1 - U.S. Government
1 - Economics
2 - World History and/or Geography
Directed Electives 8 Credits in courses such as computer applications and programming, fine arts (art, music, or drama), foreign languages, or a technical career area***
Physical Education 1 credit (two semesters)
Health/Safety 1 credit (one semester)
Electives 10-12 credits****
Total Credits 48
(Meets state and many local minimum graduation requirements)

Each institution retains responsibility for determining regular and special admissions. In addition to the requirements of the single curriculum, institutions may include other requirements such as class rank and test scores. Within institutions, some degree programs may impose additional requirements
** Some programs of study at certain institutions will require pre-calculus and calculus.
*** In a technical career area, at least six semesters, that progress in a logical sequence, beyond the introductory level.
**** Students should take advantage of additional elective opportunities in areas related to their career plans, personal interests, and practical skills.


A. Students meeting Centerville Senior High School and the state of Indiana graduation requirements will be permitted to participate in commencement activities and receive a diploma

B. Special Education students, in accordance with Article 7 of the Special education act, will be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies even if they have not met graduation requirements.  They will receive a "Certificate of Achievement" Certificate.  Special Education students will not be differentiated from the other students during the ceremony.  The Certificate of Achievement is awarded to a special education student who is not capable of earning a diploma but who completes his/her educational program prescribed in the students' I.E.P



Standardized Testing
The following tests are administered through the Guidance Department to students:

ISTEP+ Graduation Qualifying Test
This battery of achievement tests is administrated to grade 10 in September. Students who fail to meet minimum proficiencies must take a remediation class in the area of need.
This battery of achievement tests is given to the ninth grade in September. This provides us with the means to evaluate student progress and adjust curriculum each year. Students who fail to meet minimum proficiencies must take a remediation class in the area of need.
PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)
This test is made available to junior students in October. The test is taken at CHS. It helps students prepare for college entrance exams. This test also selects those high achieving students who qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program.
S.A.T. (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
The S.A.T. is offered 6 or 7 times per year nationally. The closest test center is Earlham College. Generally, we encourage juniors to take the test second semester and then repeat the test during the first semester of their senior year, if necessary. The colleges use the best scores in the selection process for admittance. Registration information is available in the Guidance Office.
A.C.T. (American College Test)
This is a college entrance exam given several times a year. The closest test center is Indiana University East. This test is accepted in place of the S.A.T. in nearly all schools and is preferred by some out-of-state colleges. Students may obtain registration packets in our Guidance Office.
ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery)
The ASVAB is given to juniors in September to help students formulate a career decision. The ASVAB provides a measure of aptitude in the following areas: verbal, math, academic ability, mechanical and crafts, business and clerical, electronics and electrical, and health, social, and technological skills. Included in the battery is a useful interest inventory. Military personnel will interpret scores to students upon request. Absolutely no scores or student information will be released to the military.

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